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Can you drink aloe vera when using Triumeq?

Are any interactions of aloe Vera juice with Triumeq?

Also, the interactions between the herbal supplement Mastic Gum and Triumeq have been studied?

I was using these before I started Triumeq and they were helping me deal with my gastric conditions but am now hesitant to take them because of possible interactions. If the interaction has not been studied, is it wise to use the ‘either 6 hours before or 2 hours after’ rule which is the advice given for taking multivitamins with Triumeq (or is that specific to multivitamins).

I know that some herbal supplements are completely contraindicated with Tirumeq.


Thanks for getting in touch.

There won’t be any interaction with the Aloe Vera as the following link explains:


With regards to the mastic gum, it doesn’t look like there’s been any research done on this. You could try taking it well in advance of your ARVs.

Also, as you’re in the UK, please talk to your doctor and pharmacist about this so they know about your concern.


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