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Do babies need to take ARVs when they are born?

My baby is 4 days old, I’m giving them formula, do I also need to give them NVP?


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All babies born to positive mothers need to take a short of ARVs, please see here for more info: https://i-base.info/guides/pregnancy/will-baby-need-hiv-drugs


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Marica,

    No it doesn’t mean that your child is sick, you do however need to ask why your child has been given both zudovudine (AZT) as well as the Nevirapine as this isn’t common. PEP for babies is discussed here: https://i-base.info/guides/pregnancy/will-baby-need-hiv-drugs

  2. Marcia

    I just gave birth on the 27th of March and I’m positive.. been on treatment for a while now. My baby was given Nevirapine and zudovudine at the hospital, I haven’t received PCR results as I was told that I’ll get them when I come for 6weeks visit. Does that mean my baby is sick as I was given 2 meds instead of only nevirapine?


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