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I missed a dose, will I be OK?

Last night i threw up shortly after taking my meds (not related to the meds) and was too ill to retake them as was still nauseous throughout the night. I took the meds when i was feeling better 16 hours later. I have been UD for 3 years and not missed a dose before.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Missing a dose of your meds won’t have any negative affect on your viral load, you’re fine. For there to be an impact you’d need to miss a lot more.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Friedrich,

    There isn’t a vaccine for HIV, there are however new injectable ARVs that will, at some point be coming onto the market. Can you send us the link with the info that you’ve found?

  2. Friedrich

    I came across some interesting readings online recently that a vaccine for HIV has been developed.

    How authentic is that please?


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