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Can I switch to Biktarvy if I have both HIV and hepatitis B?

My current medicines are: Sustiva, Viread and Epzicom (EFV, TDF, ABC, 3TC).

My HIV viral load showed 82 in February but it was undetectable when tested again in May. My CD4 ranges from 200 to 400.

My doctor suggested switching my medication to Biktarvy. Is there any concern switching to Biktarvy when I have HIV and hepatitis B co-infection?


Thanks for your question and for letting us post the answer online.
It sounds like your doctor is giving you good information.
Biktarvy is a more modern HIV combination that should be easier to take than your current meds, with fewer side effects. This link has more information.
This single pill also contains a newer version of TDF called TAF that is also active against hepatitis B.


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