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I’m pregnant and just been diagnosed, will my baby be OK?

I’ve just been diagnosed with HIV. I’m 6 months pregnant, will my baby be OK?


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How are you coping with your diagnoses? Are you getting any support?

Being diagnosed with HIV can be a shock, this can be made worse if you’re pregnant.

Though common to worry, the important thing is that you now know about your status. To reduce the risk of transmission to you baby, the key to this is medication. If you’ve not yet started to take ARVs, you’ll need to start taking them.

In this guide there’s a lot of information about pregnancy and HIV as well as what to expect when the diagnoses is late in pregnancy:


And yes, it’s possible to have a negative child even if you’re diagnosed late in pregnancy. You will however need to adhere to medication. It’s also important that you have your viral load monitored. There’s info about this in the above guide.


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