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I am worried that I took a double-dose of ART?

I think I may have just taken my full meds twice, but I’m not sure?

I take anxiety, COPD puffers, blood pressure, depression, Thiamine, Gastrointestinal.

I’m also a 12-year clean heroin and crack addict, but I’m struggling a little now with alcohol.

It’s managed as much as I can though.


Thanks for your Q – and it sounds like you are doing really well, although it is still not always easy.

If you did take a double dose, this will all be okay.

Most medicines are studied at higher doses and within a day or so the drug levels will be back to normal levels. Actually, for most HIV meds this will happen within 5-6 hours.

The only way I remember whether or not I have taken meds is to use a drug box. I fill it once a week with all my meds and I can always see whether I have taken or missed a dose. This has worked for me for over 20 years.

This might really help with all the other meds you are taking too.


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