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Interaction between Atripla and Yasmin (oral contraceptive pill).

Hello and thanks for all your advice. Lately I started using Yasmin (oral contraceptive) for an ovarian cyst. Is there any contra-indication to use it when I am on ARV Atripla? I have to use these contraceptive for 3 months.


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As Atripla contains efavirenz, there is an interaction between Atripla and Yasmin.

Efavirenz reduces how well Yasmin works preventing. This means efavirenz prevents the hormonal activity that Yasmin would have. However this is only when considering using Yasmin as contraceptive.

However in your case, as you are using Yasmin to manage an ovarian cyst, the required level of Yasmin in your body may be a different level as to what is used in contraception. Are you able to speak to a doctor or pharmacist about this interaction?



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