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Can I miss a dose of Triumeq once a week?

It’s ok if a miss a dose of Triumeq once a week?


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An occasional dose, if forgotten is not going to cause an issue with health. However missing weekly doses of Trimuq regularly is risking how well the medication is going to work and gives possibility to HIV mutating and becoming resistant to the medication you are taking. A previous question speaks about this further.

There have been studies trying to identify that if daily dosing is required, or if missing a regular dose would provide the same level of treatment. Studies that have demonstrated that there is potential with this regimen does not include the same drug combinations that are used in Triumeq. The results cannot be translated to this medication.

A further study, demonstrated that rilpivirine is not suitable for anything less than daily dosing. Rilpivirine is a class of HIV drug called an integrate inhibitor. Triumeq contains dolutegravir which is in the same class. It is likely that how poorly rilpivirine managed HIV while on less than daily dosing, this can be applied to all integrate inhibitors. In this instance it would make Triumeq unsubtle for anything less than daily dosing.

It is not recommended to miss a dose of Triumeq.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi G, what is causing you to be less strict with the time you are taking your medication? This recently answered question is very similar to yours: https://i-base.info/qa/19398

    While missing an occasional dose by a few hours is not going to impact how well your medication works, doing so regularly will increase the risk of them no longer working. Have you considered moving the time of your medication or setting an alarm to help you remember?

  2. G

    I’m undetectable for more than few years, but in the last year I’m struggling to take the pill at the same hour every day, i used to take them at 15-16pm, but now I take them irregularly, sometimes can be a delay of 6-8 hours. Rarely happens to miss a dose. Can this issues impact the adherence?


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