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Can I use fitness supplements with my HIV meds?

Good day. I am on Ranega and so far it has been working great. I know I am not eating right and want to take some supplements with my gym to get my body into shape. I am worried about over-the-counter, and supplements that may work against Ranega. How do I check if what I use is fine?

There are many generic versions of tenofovir DF (TD), lamivudine (3TC) and dolutegravir coformulated into a single pill (TLD). These include Ranega.

Please help!


Hi there

Thanks, great that you have plans to become more fit.

Taking regular exercise can help you in many ways. As well as making you feel better about yourself, being more active can reduce the risk of other health complications.

For example, it can help with both mental and physical health.

Good to also check about interactions between supplements and you HIV meds.

There are two main cautions for the meds in Ranega.

There is a caution for interactions with supplements containing calcium, magnesium or aluminium, antacids and multivitamins. This also includes antacids that include magnesium or aluminium.

This requires separating the dolutegravir dose. These products need to be taken a minimum of two hours after dolutegravir or six hours before. 

Please talk to your doctor if you are using sports supplement that contain creatine. This is because it can change how the results of some monitoring tests are seen, See:

Other generic version of Renega are list here:


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