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Do all HIV positive people need the fourth vaccine dose?

I took 2 doses of vaccine Pfizer in 2 and 23 March 2021. Then, on 17 November 2021 I took the third dose (booster).

I havent been ill or i fected with covid since the beggining of pandemic. Is it ok not to take a fourth dose (now after almost 6 months from the third one)?

I am hiv positive, viral load undetectable and cd4 count up 600.


Hi there

Thanks – and yes – it is a good idea.

In the UK, all people living with HIV are recommended to have the fourth vaccine.

Even if you have a good CD4 count, the vaccine protection will be getting lower after six months. The booster is also needed to work well against Omicron variant.

Great you have been lucky so far – but boosting protection now is still important.

Please see this recent statement from BHIVA with more details on the fourth dose.


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