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Does India restrict entry to people living with HIV?

I’m an African who’s currently considering to apply for a scholarship in India but I’m worried that I won’t be accepted because of my HIV status.

Is that even possible? Or will I be deported from India if I reveal my status?


Hi there

i-Base is a treatment information service based in the UK.

For travel advice pls see info on HIVtravel.org.

The link for info on India shows there are no restrictions based on HIV.

Good luck with your plans.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi PK, thanks for also posting this info. It is good to hear this.

  2. PK

    Hi, India doesn’t discriminate with PLHIV. You’ll not feel any discomfort while visiting clinics/ART centres. The government will provide you FREE treatment till the time you stay in India.


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