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Do Atroiza to Luvigen both do the same thing?

I was on Atroiza for about 3 years. They recently changed me to Luvigen. Does this still have the same effect?


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Atroiza and Luvigen are two different treatments for HIV. Each of these meds contain three active drugs. They are both generic HIV combinations.

Luvigen is a newer med that contains doulegravir, tenofovir (TD) and lamivudine (3TC).

Atroiza is an older med that contains efavirenz, tenofovir (TD) and emtricitabine (FTC).

Both are good at keeping viral load undetectable but dolutegravir is now seen as a better choice than efavirenz.

Your doctor should have explained the differences before changing your treatment.

Livigen is taken in the morning and most people find this easier to take.

Atroiza is taken before bedtime and many people find it can given them vivid dreams or can change their mood in the day.

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