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Does HIV affect risks from monkeypox?

I am worried about monkeypox because cases are reported in people with HIV. I have been undetectable since 2018 and my last cd4 count was 460. This was over a year ago.


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Thanks for your questions which are very relevant.

The recent BHIVA statement says that HIV should not increase your risk of catching MPV. It also should not MPV a more serious infection.

This is based on you having an undetectable viral load. Also, because your CD4 count is well above 200 cells/mm3. This is a cautious approach because there is too little direct evidence about this.

Monkeypox virus (MPV) is still very rare in the UK.

The recent outbreak is significant though and needs to be taken seriously.

CD4 counts are much less important once you have an undetectable viral load on ART. It is a good idea for this to be checked every year though.

Please ask your doctor about this on your next appointment.

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BHIVA and ECDC statements about MPV.


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