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Why is i-Base saying to not have sex during Pride?

Hi i-Base, why are you telling gay men to not have sex during Pride. Is the risk of MPX really this bad?


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Thanks – great to have this discussion.

First though, i-Base isn’t telling anyone to not have sex. But we are providing info for people can make their own choice, and this is one option.

One recent Q&A post asked about how to not catch monkeypox (MPX) during Pride.

The most direct answer is to only have sex with someone who hasn’t been at risk of MPX over the last two weeks. Highest risks are likely to be linked to group sex, whether private parties, saunas or outdoor parks – even if you only connect with one person.

This isn’t to stop having sex with new partners. Just to say that this is likely to come with a risk of MPX. This is especially true in London, but MPX cases have now been reported across the UK.

The Q&A only suggested stopping anonymous sex for the next few weeks.

This is because risks will either become much higher or much lower over the next month. It might also be possible to have a vaccine by then.

This is the recent Q&A you referred to – which includes more details about MPX and how it is transmitted.

How can I avoid monkeypox during Pride week?

More detailed information on MPX:


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