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Can I travel to the United States?

Hi, my biggest dream is travel to United States since I a was child. Unfortunately i’m HIV positive. I started take my medicine on time and i’m in good health right now so can I still fulfil my dream?

By the way I have 4 kids and they’re negative. I wanna take them with me so tell me if that’s impossible.


Hi, how are you doing?

The US has no travel restrictions for people living with HIV.

You will be able to enter the country without a problem. HIV is no longer considered communicable and as such you do not need to mention HIV on any visa application.

This previous question has further information.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Daissy, many countries in Europe do not have restrictions for people living with HIV. Please use this website to search for countries of interest and it will list their regulations if any: https://www.hivtravel.org/

  2. Daissy

    Hello, hope everything is going well.
    My issue is I am positive with HIV but I want to work or to get a job in Europe. will it be okay to enter or to get a job when am positive.
    thanks for your consideration.


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