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Can I change the time of my medication from 9pm to 11am?

Hi, can I change the time that I’m taking my Telatri medicine from 9pm to 11am?


Hi, how are you?

Yes you can change this time. It is preferred to take Telatri in the morning. Taking it in the morning reduces the risk that it will affect sleep.

Take your medication as normal at 9pm and then a second dose at 11am the following day. You may experience side effects as you will have a higher level of drug in your body but these will disappear within a day or so. You can then continue taking your medication at 11am.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Mike, you can continue taking your medication at 9am but it is also okay to wait until 3pm to continue as normal with your treatment.

  2. Mike

    I missed my dose of atenolol yesterday at 3pm
    I took a pill at 9am this morning
    Should I continue to take at 9 am???


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