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Can seroconversion happen while taking PEP?

Can seroconversion happen while on PEP?

I had a risky experience (trans woman post op) and blood was present. I’ve been out on PEP but in the last week have been having symptoms of seroconversion – chills, stomach has swollen, throat issues, pains in my leg. Could this happen on PEP?


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PEP suppresses HIV – this is regardless of if HIV has spread throughout your body or not. For this reason, seroconversion is not expected while on PEP. This is also the reason why testing needs to be delayed after PEP.

Symptoms os seroconversion are very non-specific for HIV. They are symptoms that can be caused by a number of more more common illnesses. While on PEP, you can still get ill from other common viruses which is more likely the cause of your symptoms.



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