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My CD4 count hasn’t recovered as quickly as expected.

Diagnosed in Dec 09 2021 and my CD4 count was 74, after 1 years treatment with ARV Biktarvy CD4 count increased to 217. I was expecting CD4 count more than 350 so is it poor results and do I need to change ARV? My doctor told me that it is working as expected. I am staying with 13 years old daughter and we are always together in each activity in home and outside so what are precautions I need to take care for her? I am undetectable from almost 1 year.


Hi, how are you doing?

Your doctor is right. Your medication is working well. This is proved by you being undetectable for the last year.

CD4 count recovery is slow. Your count is improving and going up by more than 100 in a year is very encouraging. Expecting your CD4 count to be 350 after a year starting from 74 is unrealistic.

Starting from lower CD4 counts can mean that recovery is slower. Achieving a CD4 count of 217 starting from a CD4 count as low as yours is very encouraging that your CD4 count will full may recover but it may take time.

There is nothing you need to do to protect your daughter. You are not a risk to her.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Peter, Smz/Tmp is used to prevent other infections while your immune system is recovering. Each country have their own guidelines on when to stop this. Some say it is no longer required when your CD4 count is above 200 and others when above 350. As your CD4 count is 217 it suggests you are somewhere with a higher CD4 threshold. It may be a year or more until your CD4 count fully recovers. You will not need to be on Smz/Tmp forever.

    There is no risk to your kid. You cannot pass on HIV by being near someone or sharing the same utensils to eat. As you are on treatment with a suppressed viral load you are already doing everything that you need to. Your kid is very safe to be around you.

  2. Peter

    Thanks for response.

    I am still taking Smz/Tmp Ds 800-160 Tab Sunp (Monday, Wednesday and Friday ) along with Biktarvy Tab Gile and doctor told me to take Smz/Tmp Ds 800-160 Tab Sunp medicine triweekly so how many years/months I need to take this medicine ?

    More concern about my kid, we are always together (cooking, eating, hugging, sleeping, playing, using same bed/bedsheet/blanket, same bathroom, same glass for water…etc) so is there any other way risk to my kid ? just want to ensure that she is safe. Appreciate your help!


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