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Do I need to eat calcium rich foods at a different time to taking treatment?

My wife and I just been switched to TLD, they said that calcium and iron supplements interacts with dolutegravir. I’m just confused about foods containing calcium like milk, and iron rich foods like fish. Do I have to eat/drink them 6 hours after taking TLD to avoid interactions? Thank you so much


Hi, how are you doing?

No. You do not need to eat/drink these foods at a different time to your medication.

Dolutegravir should not be taken at the same time as calcium/iron supplements. Often it is advised to take the treatment and supplement at opposite ends of the day to avoid interaction.

Supplements contain significantly higher levels of these vitamins/minerals than in food. It is because these supplements have much higher levels that there is risk of interaction. In food, these levels are much lower and will not interact with your treatment.



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