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Is injectable ART available in the UK?

I understand there is injection medication for HIV. Is it effective, comparing to the daily tablets? Is it available in UK? How often one has to be injected to keep it effective?


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Yes. Injectables are available in the UK. This treatment option is still being rolled out throughout the UK. As clinics are adapting, access to this treatment can be slow as there are also requirements to start but it is accessible. A previous question about this can be found here.

There is similar efficacy between the injection and daily tablets.

Three clinical studies were used to assess how effective this treatment was and it was shown that 94% of individuals attained an undetectable viral load throughout the duration of the study. This is comparable to daily tablet treatment.

This combination includes two injections: cabotegravir LA (vocabria) + rilpivirine LA (Rekambys). In the US, the two combinations are called Cabenuva.

The first injections are every month, and then every 2 months.



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