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Concerns over healing at a cosmetic clinic?

I have been undetectable since 2018, when diagnosed and RITA test showed recent infection. I have recently booked an appt at a skin/ cosmetic clinic for the removal of some thread veins and a few cherry angiomas. Basically a simple procedure to get rid of them.
However the clinic has raised concern over the healing process, which there really isn’t any, because I’m undetectable with no other health issues, fit and healthy. Is this a lack of understanding on their part or am I missing something?


Hi, how are you doing?

As you are healthy with an undetectable viral load there is nothing to suggest that you will have poor healing after this procedure.

Who will be doing this procedure? e.g., a nurse or doctor? Being HIV positive is not a concern for treatment at a cosmetic clinic. Have you been able to speak with anyone else at the clinic?



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