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I feel weak and nauseous after taking treatment?

Hello, I have been on Triumeq for 4 years and I still have symptoms that persist from the beginning, I feel weak and nauseous for about a couple of hours after taking the pills. Can it be a serious problem? I think it’s because of the abacavir, because it has a half-life of 1.5 hours. Is it normal to have symptoms for so long?


Hi, how are you doing?

After 4 years symptoms should be better managed. Have you tried things in the past to help with this? How is it affecting your daily life?

Before you started treatment did you have genetic testing? People that have a gene called HLA*B-5701 should not be on Triumeq. There is a risk in this people to have reactions to abacavir.

In most people side effects are uncommon and if they do have them they are mild. Feeling tired in the most common with 2% of people saying they do experience this so it may be normal. Usually it is not bad enough for people to stop treatment.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi John, it is possible that your symptoms are caused by being sensitive to this treatment. The gene test would rule this out. As abacavir can be taken with or without food, the food you eat should not be having this effect on you. There are other options available inc. tenofovir. Before starting your kidney health would be assessed and monitored if it was suitable to do so. There is also a new combination of tenofvir which has less impact on the kidneys and is safer to use in patients with poor kidney function.

  2. John

    Thank you for your answer. The symptoms are manageable but depends…
    in the past I have noticed that the symptoms are milder if I take them with food. now I’ve made some changes in my life and it’s no longer convenient to carry my pills when I eat. It also depends on what I eat, if I take them with a low calories or a sweet meal the symptoms are worse. I’m afraid to ask for another treatment regimen because this is the first line and others can be worse and I also i don’t want to switch to tenofovir because I have kidney problems I’m just a bit tired of this couple of hours of sickness every day. I have no idea if I did the gene test, could that be the cause?


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