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Is Trustiva prescribed as PEP?

Hi, is Trustiva prescribed as PEP med? When I asked the health care centre they gave Trustiva as PEP. Is it dangerous to use for 28 days?

I’m using it for 17 days now because I had intercourse with a sex worker girl. It was protected sex though except for oral. But I insisted and now I’m worried. Am I killing myself or not?



Hi, how are you doing?

Yes. Trustiva can be used as PEP. As it is a triple combination antiretroviral it is suitable to be used.

Though it is not often offered as first choice because it contains efavirenz. Efavirenz means there is a high risk of side effects inc. mood changes. Have you noticed any changes in your mood while on efavirenz? If you have these can be avoided by taking Trustiva in the evening before bed and/or avoiding taking it with high fat foods.

It is safe to take Trustiva for the full 28 days. As you had protected sex and you only had oral sex without a condom this is a very low risk exposure. In the UK PEP would not be recommended. Oral sex carried minimal risk of transmission and this is why PEP is not offered in the UK for these events.

You are not killing yourself by taking PEP and if you are more comfortable to do so, it is safe to continue with your current course of treatment.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Anup, has your doctor mentioned why you are taking Pantocid as well as PEP? Taking these treatments 2 hours apart is okay. Trustiva should not be taken with a high fat meal – this can make the side effects worse.

  2. Anup

    Hi josh…my doctor advice te trustiva as pep…but he also advise me to take pantocid dsr capsule..I took this capsule before dinner at night after dinner 2 hours later he advice me to take Pep…is it ok…plz reply


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