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Will an extra dose of ART affect my baby while breastfeeding?

Hi, please I take my HIV medication every day at 5 pm and I can’t seem to remember if I took it yesterday, so I took it 5 am the next day. Should I still take another medication at the usual 5 pm? and please I’m also a breastfeeding mother will it affect the health of my baby I really need advise please. Thank u


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby. No an extra dose will not have any affect on your baby’s health.

Yes you can take a dose at 5pm. It is best to continue with your normal time of medication. You may experience more side effects than normal while you have a higher level of medication in your body but this will only remain until the drug level drops to normal.

You can then continue as normal taking your treatment at 5pm.



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