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Does pumping milk count as mixed feeding?

Hi, I am newly pregnant and HIV positive but have been undetectable for two years now. I am a PhD student and I’m worried about mix feeding the baby when it is born because I will still have to spend a lot of time at school since I will give birth during one of my busiest months. My family doesn’t know about this and so does the father of the baby. So my question is, will pumping milk from my breast be regarded as mix feeding since the baby will be feeding from a bottle or it doesn’t count because the milk will be from my breast?


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No. Bottle feeding pumped breast milk does not count as mixed feeding. The term mixed feeding relates to different types of feed e.g., breast and formula. Mixed feeding does not relate to how baby is fed.


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  1. Naya

    Thank you so much Josh. I was worried for a sec since I’m not ready to disclose my status yet


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