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Why did my CD4 count go back up?

I was diagnosed with HIV November 2022 with CD4 count of 9 and viral load of 84. I started treatment that same month. In March 2023 CD4 went up to 187 and VL to 310. In June CD4 went down to 138 and VL355. So I don’t really understand how or if my treatment is really working. I am always in pain and i struggle to go by.

Please advise


Hi, how are you doing?

It is great to hear that you were able to start treatment so soon. What is the name of the ART you are taking?

Have you been told your CD4%? CD4 count is not always accurate as it can be affected by a few things e.g., time of the day and if you have exercised. CD4% is a more accurate representation of how your immune system is doing over time.

As you started with a CD4 count of 9, regaining a CD4 count of 138 by June is still a really good recovery.

Your viral load is still being suppressed. A change of 35 between the two results is not significant. Similar to your CD4 count this can also be effected by other things e.g., recent infection/vaccine.

Do you have any further tests booked?



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