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Which diet can prevent muscle wasting?

I was wondering what a good diet would be for maintaining weight and to stop muscles from wasting?


You should usually be looking for a balanced diet. This should include protein, carbohydrates and fat, with a recommendation to aim for less than 30% of your total calories coming from fat.

This link has more detailed information about nutrition, diet and HIV.

This is from an i-Base guide about living long-term with HIV:

HIV positive people who are not on treatment, generally need to eat more calories than a similarly active HIV negative person.

However, HIV treatment (called ART) is now recommended for everyone who is HIV positive.

This should itself help prevent weight loss and wasting. Older HIV drugs (AZT) did cause muscle wasting though, and fat loss (AZT and d4T), but these drugs are now only rarely used.

This question from November 2006 was last updated in February 2019.


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