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Can I use steroids if I am on ART?

Can I use steroids if I am taking ARVs?


Steroids need to be used under medical supervision. Side effects, which can be serious, include liver toxicity, increased blood pressure, angina and weakening of the heart muscle. They can sometimes interact with HIV medication.

If you are taking or planning to take steroids, talk to your  HIV doctor and/or pharmacist about why you want to do this. There may be other safer ways to get the same results. Steroids can be used, but the doses and cycles have to be panned carefully.

Buying steroids “under-the-counter” from a friend or at a gym is risky. You will never know what you are buying.

This link to a similar question has been answered in more detail.

This page was updated in March 2021 from a question first posted in 2012.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Bathabile.

    The ARVs that you’re taking ( so generic versions of Atripla) could have a potential interaction with your medication. Please see here: https://www.hiv-druginteractions.org/downloads/ajd45jg-4er5-67oy-ur43-009ert.pdf?interaction_ids%5B%5D=73052&interaction_ids%5B%5D=73054&interaction_ids%5B%5D=73067 This is something that you’ll need to talk to your doctor about.

  2. Bathabile

    Hi I’m taking Odimmune now I have arthritis and I’m taking prednisone 5mg is it safe??

  3. Sam

    When our researcher going to convert ARV pill into injection steroids that can at least last for two to three months in the body system?I believe that can be very helpful and people will never miss to take their treatment.


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