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Do darunavir/ritonavir/Truvada cause lipodystrophy?

Hi guys!
Can you tell me if Darunavir/Ritonivir/Truvada can cause fat loss from the face? At the same time, do these meds cause fat accumulation around the middle(like a roll of fat but around lower back).
I was under the impression that only a few of the older meds caused this and not the newer types of meds!

Thanks for your help!


Generally speaking all the ARVs have the potential to cause lipodystrophy, but some more than others.

The protease inhibitors in your combination (darunavir+ritonavir) may affect your lipids and lead in the long term to lipodystrophy. Truvada is less likely. There is a very good explanation about the different medications and their effect here


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