UK Guide to PrEP updated (November 2019)

The 5th edition of this UK guide to PrEP is now updated online and printed copies are free to order. [1]

Changes to this edition include:

  • Latest information about how to access PrEP in the UK. This includes differences in how and where the NHS provides PrEP.
  • In includes new informations about the PrEPshop clinic in London and buying PrEP online.
  • A new section on PrEP and sex work.
  • Information about TAF/FTC for PrEP.
  • Small changes to clarify the way PrEP dosing is described.
  • New recommendation that heterosexual men can use event-based dosing.

The guide is available in print and online.

Read the guide online.

Download PDF.

Order free print copies.

The guide includes information about how to use PrEP safely.

  • Who could benefit from PrEP.
  • How to buy PrEP online.
  • Different ways to take PrEP.
  • Daily and event based dosing (EBD).
  • Important monitoring tests.
  • Other considerations.

This publication was produced in collaboration with UK doctors and PrEP advocates from the following organisations and clinics.

Guide to PrEP (Print)     ISSN 2398-6409.
Guide to PrEP (Online)    ISSN 2398-6417.


  1. UK guide to PrEP. i-Base collaborative publication. (5th edition, November 2019)
  2. Collins S. NHS England confuses arse and elbow: block to PrEP ignores UK HIV crisis and will send PEP services into chaos. HIV Treatment Bulletin, May/June 2016.(2 June 2016)
  3. NHS England fudges PrEP access and delays on-demand access to PrEP by years; blocks doctors from prescribing PrEP now. (4 December 2016)