Introduction and access to PrEP in the UK


This is a UK guide to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

It was first written to support people who were buying PrEP online. This edition is also for people who are prescribed PrEP or are part of a study.

PrEP currently refers to a pill containing two HIV drugs. When taken correctly, PrEP greatly reduces the risk of HIV sexual transmission.

Access to PrEP in the UK

Free access to PrEP depends on where you live in the UK.

  • NHS Scotland now provides free PrEP to anyone at risk who lives in Scotland.
    For more details see:
  • NHS Wales now provides PrEP for anyone at risk who lives in Wales. This is a three year initial programme. Although access refers to being within a study call PrEPARED, this doesn’t involve active participation. It just means that anonymised information will be used to decide future access.
    For more details see:
  • NHS England only currently provides PrEP as part of the IMPACT trial. This study will enrol up to 26,000 people. It started in September 2017 and will run for three years.
    Each of the approximately 200 clinic sites is allocated a limited number of places.
    For more details see:
  • PrEP is available in Northern Ireland in a two-year project.
  • The DISCOVER study (already enrolled) is comparing current PrEP to a newer version.
  • Many people are likely to continue to buy generic PrEP using online pharmacies, especially in England.
  • The Mags Portman PrEP Access Fund at the THT will provide vouchers for free PrEP for up to 1000 people.

Last updated: 18 March 2019.