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When should I start treatment?

I recently diagnosed with HIV within three month of risky heterosexual exposure. I haven’t started treatment yet. Here is only ART treatment but not HAART in nepal. National guideline to start ART is cd4 count less than 500. How long can I survive if I start art cd4 count at 500. Waiting Prompt answer, please.


Thanks for getting in touch.

The current UN guidelines are that, once tested, you should start treatment. This applies even if you have a high CD4 count.

A CD4 count of 500 is good. If you start now, your chances of having a normal life are increased. They are increased because ARVs are very effective.

For more on life expectancy please see:



  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Ashok, the risk from HIV complications is very low while your CD4 count is above 500. It is okay to monitor while your CD4 count is still above 500, and then start treatment. HAART and ART are the same thing.

  2. Ashok

    But country guidelines for nepal to initiate ART is CD4count<500. Also here in nepal HAART treatment is not available. Is ART as effective as HAART? That's why I am worrying much about my life expectancy.


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