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Can I take lamivudine once a day instead of twice?

I currently take lamivudine (twice daily), tenofovir and efavirenz at night. My question is: can I take all meds at the same time at night? I get nausea during the day from lamivudine sometimes.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Lamivudine is supposed to be taken just once a day, not twice.

Please see here for more info:

Therefore, it is not only fine to be taking all your meds at once, but this is recommended. And, yes this can be at night. At night will help with side effects, especially due to efavirenz.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Jose,

    Owing to what’s in Atripla even when you travel you can still take it at your normal time. So if you take it at 8pm in say the UK, you can take it at 8pm local time in India. Or, if you prefer you can keep to UK time.

  2. Jose

    How to schedule your ATRIPLA dosage when you travel to different time zones, say 6 hour difference


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