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Are Atenef and Atrozia the same medicines?

Hi, I started treatment on the 06-June 2017 and they gave me Atenef Pills, now this month they gave me Atroiza, are they working the same, plz help m confused


Atrozia and Atenef are both generic versions of Atripla.

This means is that they both contain the same active drugs.

It is perfectly safe to use different versions of Atripla. For more info, please see here:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Juila,

    Consipation can be due to a lot of things, one of which is stress and also diet. Constipation is usually easy to treat. You could ask your pharmacist for something that will help you go to the bathroom easier.

  2. julia

    Julia .10 March 2018

    Hi, i started Atenef last month.I m going toilet after five days it so stiff .IT worries me because i take treatment for more than ten years,but i never get such problm. But this ATENEF worries me.

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Lucky, Atenef is a treatment for HIV. If your girlfriend is taking this and she has an undetectable viral load, HIV cannot be transmitted. See this study PARTNER.

  4. lucky

    hello , i dated a girl then after 3 months we fell in a an unprotected sex then after she told me that shes busy taking this tablets for hiv treatment and are called ATENEF. So this mean im also infected by the disease? pls help cos im frustrated now and scared too.


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