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Are Atenef and Atrozia the same medicines?

Hi, I started treatment on the 06-June 2017 and they gave me Atenef Pills, now this month they gave me Atroiza, are they working the same, plz help m confused


Atrozia and Atenef are both generic versions of Atripla.

This means is that they both contain the same active drugs.

It is perfectly safe to use different versions of Atripla. For more info, please see here:


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  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nthabeleng,

    If you’re asking can ARVs interfere with a woman’s periods the answer is no.

  2. Nthabeleng

    I start to take Atenef in June 2017. Since I got my period after 5 years I m in prevention it normal for me to get my period?

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