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Can I take Questran with Genvoya?

Hi! I’ve been positive for a couple of years now. All my tests are okay and my health as well – except for GI issues that I have had since before becoming positive.

I was recently prescribed Questran as I seem to have a bile induced chronic diarrhoea. I researched the medication and one it seems it is not advised as it can cause hypertriglyceridemia. Is that only a potential side effect?

Also, I read that Questran interferes with absorption of vitamins and medication. Would that be including Genvoya? I would much rather deal with diarrhea as unpleasant that is, than have my antiviral medication lose effect because of it.

thank you!



Questeran is the brand name for colestyramine. Although the patient leaflet is easy to find online, it is not listed at the European Medicines Agency, so I haven’t been able to find the full prescribing information.

However, I couldn’t see that increased triglycerides as a side effect, and routine monitoring would pick this up anyway. Nearly all listed side effects are only potential, usually occurring in a small percentage of people who use a treatment.

If Questran target the cause of the diarrhoea effectively, it is good to continue to use this.

HIV drugs are not listed as drugs that might interact, so again this isn’t a reason to stop.

It might be good to also ask your HIV pharmacist for confirmation on this.

You should not have to put up with diarrhoea as this can reduce your quality of life.


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