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What happens if you miss your meds for a week?

What will happen if someone misses their meds for a week due to leaving them at home when travelling?


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When a person misses their meds for a week, its very likely that their viral load will rebound. This means that a persons HIV will no longer be under control and they risk infecting someone if they have sex without a condom. There’s also the risk of drug resistance.

If this happens its important to discuss this with a health care professional. Restarting meds is important.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Ela,

    I’m going to need to know what the other ARV is, are you able to ask them?

  2. Ela

    Hi Lisa
    My clinic just brought new drug that is diffferent from the one we have been taking. They said this new one will only be taken in the morning am yet to no the name. Will it be safe to change from my existing combination of lamuvidne, Tenfovier and Efevirenz to this new one.


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