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I’ve been positive since birth, I’m on treatment, can I transmit?

If someone that has been HIV positive since birth and been on antiviral medications, what are the possibilities that they will transmit HIV?


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As long a person is on treatment and their viral load is undetectable they cannot transmit HIV when having sex without a condom. Please see here:


This however does not apply if a woman were to breastfeed as there is a risk, albeit small of transmission.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Kumbirai,

    If your partner is on HIV treatment (ART), risk of transmission is dramatically reduced anyway. But please see this link for evidence for Undetectable = Untransmittable.

  2. Kumbirai

    l had a sex with an HIV positive person but she go and check her viral load and the doctor said her viral load was ok so my question is did they say its undetectable or its now three after we meet


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