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My CD4 is 240, is this OK?

Hi, I’m a 27 years old male. My first diagnosis was in November 2018 but I only got to know in February 2019 that I am positive. Cd4 is 240 and viral load 37000. Starting ART soon. My question is, how bad are these numbers? I feel in very good health, but scared seeing these numbers. I eat clean, exercise regularly and drink alcohol in low moderation. All other blood reports are good. What bothers me is the fear of first line therapy not suiting me, which would basically leave me with very few treatment options available.


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Though your CD4 is 240, CD4’s do go much lower. Once you’re on ART your CD4 count will begin to rise. Your viral load will also decrease. There’s more about starting medication here: http://i-base.info/guides/starting

If you were to have issues with your first combination there would be other options available. What’s important now it to start ART. This will control your HIV.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Jerlaine,

    Thank you for this comment, it’s great. And many congratulations on being a great grandmom!

  2. Jerlaine

    Hi I am HIV+ found out in 1992, was infected in 1985. My CD4 is now 477 viral load undetectable. It is probably for others to live well into their 80’s with proper treatment, as well as taking care of themselves. I am now 55yrs old pretty healthy for my situation. Had numerous problems, like Avn, Myositis, neourapathy. Had both hips replaced and one shoulder, the right will be done as well, in the near future. I’m now a great grandmom never thought I could live this long. I was in the error when it was only AZT, now there are such amazing meds, please take advantage of them and educate yourself. Take med everyday and go to your doctor’s visits. You will see that this diagnosis is not a death sentence. You have the resources learn, learn, learn about HIV and take control of your life, you are worth it and the people who love you will thank you

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Lethabo,

    Its not possible to say how long it will take for your CD4 count to rise, it will however in time rise. When you’re new to treatment what’s important is getting your viral load under control. There’s more about this here: http://i-base.info/guides/starting

  4. Lethabo

    How long does it take to a cd4 count to increase my cd4 count is 299 only started taking ARV’s from the 17th jan 2019 was dignosed on the 11th I take my meds on time I eat right I’m concerned


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