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Is my CD4 OK?

I have been on treatment for 6 months now. My base cd4 was 232, and after 6 months it went up to 287. Is my cd4 increase a normal trend?

My healtcare provider also told me that I need to wait for 12 months before I do my Viral load test.

I am on Efavirenz Lamivudine Tenofovir.

And I noticed that there are some genital warts on my anus. Probably those warts have been there for 4 months already and just noticed it this week. Should I be concerned about that?

Thank you.


Thanks for getting in touch.

With CD4 counts its not possible to predict how they will rise. Some people can be diagnosed with a low CD4 count and it can rise quit quickly, for others is takes longer. Your CD4 has risen, so this is a good thing.

In the UK you’d have your viral load tested monthly until it became undetectable. However the frequency of viral load testing varies from country to country. If you’re worried about waiting 12 months, then please discuss this with your doctor.

i-base advocates aren’t medical doctors so we can’t comment on the warts, therefore please discuss this with your doctor.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Futhi,

    It’s not a problem changing the time you take your medication. You can switch from 13:00 to in the morning. Just switch once and then stick to the new time.

    It’s a good idea to make sure that taking your meds fits in with your schedule like this. And even when starting HIV treatment (ART), you have a window of about an hour either side of your target time to take your pills.

    Do you know your viral load and CD4 count? Please let us know, along with the names of the medication you’re taking.

    Here’s an Introduction to ART. It has a lot of info about starting HIV treatment.

  2. Futhi

    Hi, i would like to know if it’s right for me to change the time of taking my medication i was taking it at 13:00 now i want to take it in the morning will it be the problem i only started taking two weeks ago.


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