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Does a ‘non-reactive’ result mean I am HIV negative?

I am 24 years old. I had sex 9 months ago with my boyfriend and I am now going to get married to someone else. I was afraid of getting HIV, so I got myself tested at Ranbaxy laboratory Amritsar after 8 months, and the result was non reactive.

They performed rapid card test, but know i fear that they had used an already used syringe. They used the vaccum system to collect my blood sample. please tell me whether the this type of syringe can be reused and am i infected with HIV or is it just my fear?



Non-reactive means you are HIV negative.

However the blood was collected, you are still HIV negative. Ranbaxy labs would not re-use syringes.

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  1. Ziggie

    I went for HIV test any it says non reactive. What does it mean,am I positive or negative?

  2. Is Thar

    I had sex with an african girl in 2013. She is Tanzanian. On 01 March 2017 i had my blood test for hiv. The result is non reative. I have no idea of what test type they were using but just realized they drew my blood from my venus. Non reactive result means i am hiv negative or hiv is there in my blood but at the time of examination the virus could be detected? Please explian.

  3. Kumar

    I did hiv test on 24/11/2015 and it’s non – reactive (0.208) and again on 22/10/2016, the result was non – reactive ( 0.107) do I need any more tests? Or am I fine…

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