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Does a ‘non-reactive’ result mean I am HIV negative?

I am 24 years old. I had sex 9 months ago with my boyfriend and I am now going to get married to someone else. I was afraid of getting HIV, so I got myself tested at Ranbaxy laboratory Amritsar after 8 months, and the result was non reactive.

They performed rapid card test, but know i fear that they had used an already used syringe. They used the vaccum system to collect my blood sample. please tell me whether the this type of syringe can be reused and am i infected with HIV or is it just my fear?



Non-reactive means you are HIV negative.

However the blood was collected, you are still HIV negative. Ranbaxy labs would not re-use syringes.

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  1. The negative tests show that HIV is not causing your symptoms.

  2. iam 25 years old.i had sex 3 years ago with unknown girl and now iam going to get married someone else ,i was afraid of getting HIV,because the symptoms are like this weight loss,rashes on head and face,un concentrating,body pains so i got tested at different hospitals and labs after 8 months from the exposure ,i tested 8 times in these three years(8 ,13,18,22,25,32 months sequencely),all times the result is non reactive.but the symptos are above like that,iam feel very much unhappy regarding this,the doctors told me the window period is only 3 to 6 months.what i have to do for clear this?

  3. I did an HIV test and result showed nonreactive! What is the meaning please?

  4. HIV 1 reactive means that the test is positive for HIV-1. This is the most common type of HIV. HIV-2 is another strain of HIV that is less common. Please see our testing guide for more information.

  5. what is the hiv 1 reactive and hiv2 negative

  6. Hi

    If you have a question about a test result, this is something to ask the clinic where you had the test.

    It sounds like the first test may have been a false positive result. The second confirmation test appears to say that you are HIV negative.

    Non-reactive mean “negative” but i-Base can not interpret your individual results. Please call the test centre to ask them to explain the results.

  7. Hi, I went to the local clinic to test HIV. They told me I’m HIV positive they also take my blood to lab and that result came out saying I’m non reactive. What it mean should I worry or what?

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