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How accurate is an HIV test at 10 weeks after a possible exposure?


Thank you for your question.

It depends which test you use. A fourth generation test will detect 95% of infections 28 days after a possible exposure. This needs to be confirmed by a second test 90 days after the exposure.

A third generation test (antibody only) test is accurate 6-12 weeks after a possible exposure. For more information please follow this link.

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  1. Michael

    I had a high risk with HIV positive person but I was placed on PEP on 42hrs, after taking the pills i had my first test on 5th week and second on 7th week but they are all Negative. I later took another test on 10th week still Negative together with Hepatitis B also Negative but all was on Rapid Testing. I want to know if I’m truly Negative

  2. Meee

    Im a girl.was with a guy. At about 3 weeks after exposure, I tested negative. Then I went again at abt 50 days later, was negative. Then went again at about 70 days after exposure.was negative again.all at a std clinic. using a third generation.elisa test.I believe.is that accurate?

  3. Your tests were negative and this is good news. UK guidelines (BASHH) recommend that this should be tested at 90 days to confirm a negative result.

  4. rai

    hey last time plz .i tested at 9 week with antibody result was nagetive do i need to test at 12 week?plz reply?

  5. p24 antigen tests will pick up 95% of infections at 4 weeks after a possible exposure. If your test was negative then you don’t have HIV and you don’t need to test again.

  6. rai

    hey.. I have tested nagetive for p24 antigen at 3 week is this end of my testing?plz help me.

  7. mohd

    what about 2nd generation test?

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