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Can I split Atripla to make the pill easier to swallow?

I have recently been prescribed Atripla, after being on Truvada and Sustiva, for 5 years. Although Sustiva sometimes got stuck and I am finding swallowing the Atripla tablet particularly tricky, is it possible to have the dosage split into say two smaller Atripla tablets to make it easier to swallow?

Also if I take it with a slice of toast and a cup of tea in the morning, as I used to do with my previous tablets, would this be an issue?



Rather than trying to split Atripla, it would be better to go back to taking separate formulations of the efavirenz and Truvada (tenofovir/FTC).

There is no advantage to the once-pill option if the pills is too big to swallow. Your doctor shouldn’t have any problem with this as there is unlikely to be a cost difference.

You can follow the same diets and food recommendations as the two separate pills. Taking with or without food is fine, but do not take efavirenz (or Atripla) with a high fat meal.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Mary

    Splitting pills is not recommended but your sister could ask whether other formulations are available.

    Atripla contains three drugs. She could take efavirenz and Truvada (tenofovir/FTC) as separate pills. Efavirenz is also available in 600 mg and 200 mg formulations (the 600 mg is still quite large).

    When pill swallowing is difficult, sometimes it help to take it with something less than than water or juice – yogurt often makes it easier – and for this it is fine to take a little food.

  2. Mary

    My sister was recently put on Atripla,but she is having a problem swallowing such a large pill,so I want to know if it would a problem if she cut it in half to take the pill.


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