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I am an HIV positive man, can I have a baby?

I am very much interested to know if someone with a CD4 count of above 500 and an undetectable viral load can impregnate your woman without infecting her with the virus?

Or does it mean once you have HIV your chance of having your own child is a dead end?

Or is there any other way to have your own child without infecting either the woman or the child?


Being HIV positive should not stop you having a baby. Many sero-different  couples like you (where one partner is positive and the other is negative), have had healthy HIV negative babies.

Your second question was whether it is possible to have an HIV negative baby without passing HIV onto your your girlfriend or baby. The answer is yes. However, this will depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, you would have to be stable on ARVs (antiretroviral treatment for HIV) and with an undetectable viral load. Are you taking treatment?

Secondly, both of you should be without STIs (Sexually Transmitted infections). STIs increase the risk of passing on HIV to your negative partner.

Thirdly, unprotected sex should happen only when your girlfriend is ovulating. This will increase the chances of your girlfriend getting pregnant without becoming positive herself. (Ovulation takes place in the middle of her  monthly cycle, about 14 days before her period.)

Please follow this link to our guide to how sero-different couples couples like you can conceive naturally. The guide also lists other conception options available to you.

You may also find it useful to read the Swiss Statement. This describes the transmission risk for someone who is on stable HIV treatment as ‘negligible’ and ‘similar to risks of daily life’. It is difficult to put a percentage risk on this.

When you and your girlfriend decide you are ready to have a baby,  you should speak to your doctor who will be to advise and assist you accordingly.

Good luck with your future plans.

Information on this website is provided by treatment advocates and offered as a guide only. Decisions about your treatment should always be taken in consultation with your doctor.


  1. This is not a safe way to try for a baby. If you make a hole in a condom this will stop it from working and you could be at risk of infecting your partner with HIV.

  2. chigwaza

    i think you can by using a condon, bt you should first make a tiny hole at the front tip if the condom. but before you can do any thing please consult your doctor on every precaution.

  3. jaycee

    Now. I am. Ready to get make baby and my partner is Negative,should I go on to have intercourse with her during her ovulation period and every thing will be ok??

  4. This is answered in the question above. Please follow the links in the answer for more information.

  5. Daniel tim

    Can a male with hiv have a baby with a female who is hiv negative

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