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Do vitamins help treat mitochondial toxicity?

Is it true that taking multivitamins on daily basis can reduce mitochondrial toxicity caused by ARVs? If it is true please advise me on the type of multivitamins which are effective.


Can I ask whether you are currently on ARVs, and if so what are you taking? Are you currently experiencing any symptoms which you think could be linked to mitochondrial toxicity?

Mitochondrial toxicity is a side effect caused by some ARVs (called nukes)when damage is caused to part of your cells. More information about mitochondrial toxicity.

This side-effect used to be a big problem in the early days of HIV treatment. Now it is only seen in poorer countries where older drugs are used. While there are reports that some vitamins may help prevent or reduce mitochondrial toxicity this is not certain. Because there are now newer drugs which do not cause this side effect it may be easier to change drugs than to try and treat this condition.

Please could you get back to me with more information about why you are worried about this so that I am better able to help you.


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