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Is Trustiva good enough?

I am HIV +ve. My CD4 is 310. I am using medications from 15 days. I use Trustiva. This is only one pill. My doctor says that it is enough. Is this is good or not? Please advice me.


Trustiva is a generic versions of Atripla. It is a single tablet containing three different drugs: FTC, tenofovir and efavirenz.

This is a very widely used combination. All guidelines have included these drugs as one of the recommended combinations for starting treatment. The different names depend on where you live.

This combination is the recommended first line therapy in the UK. It sounds like your doctor is giving you good advice.


  1. Simon Collins

    The i-Base website has lot of information about HIV and rsik in the FAQ page linked to the Q&A pages. Trustiva is a medicine but not a cure. Sometimes HIV meds are used to prevent HIV, but Trustiva is not usually recommended for this.

  2. RAVI

    I am HIV negative but in last sex I fear that my sex partner has HIV and after 34 hour I found a doctor who said Trustiva is a cure for HIV ..

  3. Charlotte Walker

    You will need to go to your HIV doctor to get a prescription for these medications. The cost will vary between different countries.

  4. Gurivi


    Please let me know, how much the Trustiva pill cost? and also please let me know the places where I can get these pills?



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