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Is echinacea or acai juice that contains echinacea safe if I’m HIV+?

I’d like to ask about Acai berry juice supplements. I read somewhere that it contains echinacea but only found it in one article. Is this true? I read too that echinacea should be avoided.

My current meds are lamivudine, tenofovir and efavirenz. I also take selenium, vit c, vit b, probiotics and godex ds (which I can’t find any article written on regarding arv interactions)

Should I stop drinking acai berry?



I think that even though there are limited studies, the evidence suggest a caution against HIV positive people using echinacea.

See this factsheet on echinacea from the New York Buyers Club for more information.

In the absence of studies that show a clear and significant benefit, I am not convinced that most supplements are of any benefit – unless they are to correct a specific deficiency.

The acai juice may be fine though because the levels of supplements in the juice may be so low as to not be important. Please check the label for details of the ingredients and use the factsheet above as reference for a significant dose.

Selenium I think had some benefits in early studies for HIV positive people not on treatment, and vitamins and probiotics at recommended doses are unlikely to cause you harm.

I don’t have information about the other supplement but the New York Buyers Club may have leaflets on those ingredients.


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