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Is green tea good for me?

Is green tea good for me? I am not on arv’s.



Green tea is unlikely to make any difference to the the way HIV affects your health. It is unlikely to increase your CD4 count or decrease your viral load.

It won’t do you any harm though, so if you like green tea, this is the best reason to drink it.

When your CD4 count is low enough to  need treatment, HIV meds (ARVs) will be the best chance for you to get a good response. ARVs are the only treatment that have consistently proved to increase CD4 counts in HIV positive people.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Shah,

    Coffee does not interact with your HIV meds. But it can’t help treat HIV.

    What HIV treatment (ART) are you taking? Do you have access to your viral load and CD4 count results?

  2. Shah

    How about green coffee capsule supplement for weight loss? Can i consume it?

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Nthabiseng,

    It’s good that you’ve been taking ARVs since 2016. However, if you like Chinese green tea that’s fine, but it’s not going to help treat HIV.

    But to lose weight you could look at your whole diet.

    Eating a balanced diet can help maintain the weight you’d like to be. Here’s guide a to a balanced diet and your health.

  4. Nthabiseng

    I’m taking Arv’s since 2016 and I have gained weight can I take Chinese abdomen slimming rea


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