If you have just found out you are HIV positive…

If you have just been diagnosed this can be a difficult time. Hey, slow down. Take time. It is going to be okay. Take time… An HIV diagnosis may be unexpected. Or may have been something you were worrying about for …

Pocket ART home

Pocket-sized info ART, pregnancy, side effects, hepatitis C and PrEP – main points.

Pocket ART guide (2017)

Pocket ART is an A7-sized guide to HIV treatment (ART). It is an easy introduction to HIV treatment. Pocket ART guide online Pocket ART guide PDF download Order a free printed copy ART stands for antiretroviral treatment. HIV drugs are …

Introduction to combination therapy (Macedonian)

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adherence – taking your medicine at the right time each day and in the right way. Adherence and why it is so important. Adherence tips – easy ways to help.

HIV treatment guides

Our easy to read guides to combination therapy

Guides home

HIV treatment guides Full information about HIV treatment – easy to read, up-to-date.

Op-ARt trial tracker home

Op-ART trial tracker Latest on optimised ARVs for low- and middle-income countries

Adapting i-Base materials

Our materials have been widely adapted and translated. Here are some stories from some of the people we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

Treatment training manual for advocates (2016)

This manual contains eight modules with questions and answers. This manual is designed for people with no previous knowledge of the subjects. Read the manual online – please check dates for each section. The current online web pages for sections 1 to …

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Publications, resources & translations index Order & subscribe Treatment training for advocates: a manual Glossary: medical words and phrases explained Check your HIV meds

Resistance, taking drugs on time and missed doses

Two diagrams showing how taking your combination on time keeps drug levels at a safe level and missed doses lead to low drug levels and increase the risk of resistance. 1.  Drug levels with good adherence: 2.  Missing or being …

Introduction to combination therapy (Spanish)

 Que_debo_saber_sobre_tratamiento_VIH – PDF (2.8 Mb) Based on the i-Base Introduction to Combination Therapy. Content is adapted and modified to apply to treatment options in Spain in February 2015. Translation by the activist organisation Grupo de Trabajo sobre Tratamientos del VIH (gTt) in Barcelona. …

Introduction to combination therapy (Portuguese)

NOTE: This translation is listed here as an archive record. Please email if you would like a copy. This information will be too out-of-date for making treatment decisions. Introdução à terapêutica de combinação 2014 – December 2014 (Portuguese) – PDF (700 …

Changing treatment (Bulgarian)

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New patient first visit

New patient first visit PDF Six-page document for recording more detailed notes when seeing a patient for the first visit. The 2014 update is especially important for including a wider category of gender options in order to ensure transgender patients …

HIV and pregnancy (Bulgarian)

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Average CD4 increases by starting CD4 count

This graph shows the average CD4 increases by starting CD4 count over 5 years

When not on treatment, your immune system works in overdrive

Introduction to combination therapy 2013 (BCMS)

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