Can I stop PrEP completely?

As with the flexibility for dosing, you might decide that you want to stop PrEP altogether.

Discuss your decision to stop with clinic staff.

You might want to discuss plans to stop PrEP with partner(s) and get tested for HIV and other infections together. Make sure you use a 4th-generation HIV test four weeks after the last risk.

How you stop PrEP depends on the sort of sex you last had.

Continue daily for seven days if you are protecting your vagina/front.

Continue for two more daily doses if you are protecting your bottom or penis.

If in the future your circumstances change again, it is easy to restart PrEP.

If you stop PrEP and have a risk afterwards, contact your clinic in case post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) might be needed. In the cases when PEP is used, it needs to be started as soon as possible (see PEP and PrEP).

Last updated: 1 November 2019.