PrEP for trans and non binary people

PrEP is just as safe and effective for people who are transgender or non binary as it is for cis gender people.

Dosing choices depend on the type of sex, but generally daily dosing is recommended.

Anyone having vaginal or front hole / frontal sex needs to take daily PrEP at least six days a week. This is to make sure PrEP levels are high enough in these tissues to provide protection.

2:1:1 dosing can only be used for anal sex.

PrEP is very safe with hormone treatment

Even though you might worry about drug interactions, your homone levels will not be affected.

Daily dosing overcomes reduced TD levels with feminising hormone therapy.

An excellent resource on drug interactions between hormone treatments and other HIV meds is available from Liverpool University:

Ongoing studies are looking at other aspects of PrEP in trans women and men.

Useful links


CliniQ is a London-based specialist clinic providing sexual health and well-being services for trans people.

56T clinic

56T clinic at Dean Street has a very busy PrEP service for trans and non-binary people.

Clinic T

Clinic T is a trans and non-binary friendly sexual health service in Brighton.

Indigo Gender Service

Indigo Gender Service is an NHS trans health care service in Manchester.

Last updated: 1 November 2022.